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these. So he had decreed, during the hard years■ that brought him to this place where■, if he stretched only a little higher, h■e could touch the shining dreams—●and behold, a door had

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  • did he know of her save that she was l■ovely Ah, lovely, love
  • ly to heartbreak, as s■he stood there laughing up at De Nemours
  • —at on■ce still and sparkling, in that m■agical way o
  • f hers, like sunsh●ine dancing on a quiet p


  • ool. Was it some d
  • evil i●n him that m
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  • ade him suspect the angel in her■ Sometimes he thought that he mus●t be going mad. He had been so sure of him■self; no woman was to touch his life unt■il he had moulded it into its appoint●ed shape—and then he woul
  • d find a ●clear-eyed comrade who would be ●proud and humble in his202 glory—some girl,■ wise and tender and simple,● who would always be waiting, qu●iet-eyed and quiet-hearted whe■n he turned his tired steps to h■ome—someone in w

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